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Home Laterals

This inspection covers all sewer lines from the house all the way out past the property line to the main sewer.

Termite Inspections

Termites are sneaky, working in secret areas of your home you seldom see or even look for. They can cause thousands of dollars in damage before you know they are there.

Fireplace Inspections

When we inspect your fireplace we check for functionality of everything from the Creosote down to the Firebox.

Septic Tank Inspections

Tank inspection involves flushing the toilets and running the faucets for several minutes to surge the system and check for leaks or other problems. It also include a walk-through of the yard area above the septic system.

Gas Piping Inspections

 Gas piping have a multitude of connections including valves, gauges and other appurtenances that need inspecting. A thorough inspection of gas lines is always reccommened for saftey.

Furnace/ Water Heater Inspections

We check the units in their entirety, top to bottom, to locate any potential issues.

Honest Reviews

Bill’s knowledge of residential homes has been a huge advantage to me as a realtor.

Simone G – Realtor

Bill gave me a no nonsense look at the property. He gave me a list of must have’s and nice to have’s to make this a good buy.

Kevin G – Homeowner