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Seller  Pre-Listing Inspection:
– For seller to prepare for the sale of their home by identifying any potential issues.

Buyer Inspection:
– For buyers to identify any structural or components that are not performing correctly, that are unsafe, and that may have been overlooked by the previous home owners.

Warranty Inspection for Newly Built Homes:
– For buyers of newly built homes that have a one year warranty, helps identify and prevent serous or long-term damage that can result from minor damage which can be repaired by your builder under the new home warranty.

Foreclosure Inspection:
– For buyer to assure that their new home is safe and structurally sound.

Renter Inspection:
– For renter to identify and document problems upon move in so there is necessary leverage to recover their security deposit upon moving out.

Annual Home Maintenance Inspection
– Most people take the time to change the oil in their cars, but few homeowners have a professional take a look to make sure that everything is in good shape with their home. We generally recommend a home maintenance inspection be performed once a year to detect the issues that can cost you money if undetected for a longer period of time.

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